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  • Mostly misunderstood, occasionally offensive, frequently friendly, intermittently incorrect but routinely right.
  • Free speech doesn’t pay the bills. My opinions don’t represent my employer's.
  • Opinions are my own and are not to be taken as advice, always refer to your professional advisor.


Having little formal education, most if not all of my education is acquired through various internet and hardcopy resources. I learn because I love.

I have experience, both professionally and personally with many languages in the GIS/AVL space as well as business apps (ERP, CRM). Jack of all trades, master of none doesn't sound cool but has it's advantages!

Primarily a vanilla programmer, I use and have used many frameworks and libraries but don't consider myself an expert with any.

Languages (most to least experience): Javascript, C++11, SQL, PHP, Java, Perl, Python, C#


Considered a grey hat hacker, I especially enjoy data mining. I can also be found wasting time with challenges or trying to make things do other things for my own personal enjoyment.


Growing up in a family of business owners and entreprenuers I have always had a strong interest in business.

My business adventure began with danielkelly.me which was later rebranded to InterApp'ed™ for obvious reasons.

My first programming contract: A crucial part of growing a team of 3 to over 12 in just 3 years. I learned a lot about fast growing startups and what not to do. I also had the opportunity to invent a now patented GPS compression algorithm for moving coordinates (US, Canada).

I can now be found working a full-time software development position while I take a backseat driver's position in my spouse's fitness business.

Founder of NonFungible.com

In March 2018, NonFungible.com was launched to provide real-time market discovery and analytics data about various NonFungible.com (ERC721) projects.

Linux, Hosting & SysAdmin

Web design & hosting is what kicked off this adventure. I had an old school Linux user/hacker as a mentor to help whenever I was stuck. I now run Linux exclusively on servers, in my home, and in many family members' homes.

I try to host everything of my own. Web, email, DNS, file servers, VPN, whatever it is, I always try to get my hands dirty and further my understanding.

To name a few I have the most experience with: Apache2, MySQL, Bind9, Postfix, Dovecot, Sendmail, OpenVPN

Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

I became interested in Bitcoin in the months leading up to the MtGox hack. I had invested several thousand dollars in Bitcoin mining hardware but I missed the real value behind Bitcoin, I simply thought of it as an investment opportunity.

Fast forward a couple years down the road and Bitcoin is raising fear from traditional financial instutions, "alt-coin" ICO's are now a huge thing, the whole landscape has changed dramatically. Bitcoin is set to replace fiat for it's properties are desirable by everyone - decentralized, censorship-resistent, privacy encouraging, global, open and free.

Bitcoin & other crypto currencies are the way of the future. Whether as a fiat replacement or as the decentralized, trustless backbone for many creative ideas.

I have recently taken an interest in Solidity and the power it brings to blockchain technology. If you have an open bug bounty program I would be happy to try my hand at it! Contact me below!

Founder of NonFungible.com
Founder of TweetChain.info (parody)


Making mom proud

Patented GPS Compression Algorithm (2014)

Designed the core compression algorithm using relational data points.

Baby boy (2014)

Decrypting Pirate Bay Secret (2015)

Saw the challenge and I accepted. Interviewed with Ernesto of TorrentFreak.com and several very large news outlets in many countries picked up the story.

Baby girl (2016)

Open Source

After almost 10 years in the industry, 7 years professionally, I have started contributing to open source more. Below is my GitHub contribution calendar that I hope to fill out over the next year!

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Contact Info

Email: myrawrawrawself@danirawrawrawelkelly.me

Phone: 519-541236-1256 (leave a voicemail, I'll return the call)

Twitter: @dafky2000

Facebook: Daniel Kelly

LinkedIn: Daniel Kelly